Tipping Bring Luck, Wealth, and Health to Those Who Tip Their Serviceman

Gift… Tip… Appreciation… What else?

Tell me honestly what you feel when receiving something good, gift, compliment from someone or somebody? feels good, right?

For us who are involved in service, we understand very well that receiving tip or gifts from our guests is always a nice feeling. Doesnt matter what the gift is. A chocolate, a bag, cloths, or even money (this last one is always the best) 😀

It is never a humiliation when receiving ‘things, good things’ from guests, clients, never…

But nevertheles, Getting tip or gift from clients or guests is something far from Gratification.

But errr… i dont understand why is that people more proud to receive Gratification then tip. Maybe because it gives you Car not toy car.

Believe me. Tipping your service guy/girl will not make you poor, it even could give you much more in return such a happiness and satisfaction.

In many religions or Believes even advice their Believer to always spread good deeds, giving a happy feelings to other especially to those who serve them. It could bring much more satisfaction and more than that in return, wealth, health, luck, you name them.

Why you think husbands/wives who always please their spouse looks like they always easy in their life, living a healthy and wealthy life.

Why you think that people who always tipping their service man look like they are the real rich people? because they get much more in return.

Behind your one penny for your serviceman, there are one hope and pray reveal from their heart for you, pray for your wealth and health. And i dont know if you believe this or not, but things that coming from heart are always as magical as Mose’s Stick. 😀

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Happy Tipping for All of Us!!!

Dont Forget, Never Forget to Tip!!!

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