Things to do In Cruise Ship as Seaman or Crew Member

I bet you are a crew or a crew to be that makes you reach my page. Well, maybe we have different point of view of how to become a seaman. But this is what i do.

1. Find awesome photo spot and expose myself

2. Pretend to look happy on Internet. but actually yes i am quite happy. maybe

This one was in Rusia. see. i do look happy. i lied. 🙁

3. Still, taking pictures everywhere


Guys, Gals, my name is Ami

I am Indonesian Seaman (oke, Seawoman, seafarar, whatever they called it). that makes me travel the world and got paid. if you are willing to know more of how i do this. feel free to contact me

WA saya 08115995950

BACA JUGA  When We Pass By Suez Canal, Egypt

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