Things to do as Seaman

Halo friends, ok, maybe you are the captain, the officer onboard whom we respect, but, here in my site, you are…. yes, still the captain and officer and i respect you as i respect other human being. 🙂 😀

Ok, so, what to do as a seaman?

for god sake lord and goddess, of course seaman sails and do job properly. because we know better than anyone that even when we do it proper, there will always small things as the flaw. nothing is flawless except face in commercial break.

here i give you extra pictures to motivate you. and me?

In this pictures, you can see German, Indian, Nepali and Indonesian

This is my friend from Philippines when we were in Coppenhagen

They both are filipinos. I was the camera(wo)man.

Bonus, a love story slip in


Guys, Gals, my name is Ami

I am Indonesian Seaman (oke, Seawoman, seafarar, whatever they called it). that makes me travel the world and got paid. if you are willing to know more of how i do this. feel free to contact me

WA saya 08115995950

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