Things To Bring Onboard

Working onboard especially on cruose ship might little morr easier than working on cargo ship. People say.

All i experience is working on cruise ship so this i will share you what tp bring before onboard.

Socks. Black Socks

Yes, black socks always better. And you will need them a lot. a….. loooot…. so, 24 maybe? or 12? depend on how long you might stay onboard during yout contract. But 12 pairs of black socks is a safe number.

White Undershirt

Yes, white undershirt also is a must. 12 of them also is a good number. 😀


Underwear. lot of them suppose.

For me, lipstick and face cream is enough for my make up. i dont need much. but yes, make up also important

Lipbalm, lipgloss, and such also important. Especially if your ship cruising in cold countries.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, dont forget them.

And ouh, of course you know what you will need. 😀

And perhaps you could suggest me?

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