Only 2$ From Port Laem Chabang to Pattaya, Thailand

As we always port in Laem Chabang to get to Pattaya.

Ouuh, Pattaya… The Must Visit Place before you die.

Laem Chabang to Pattaya take around 20minutes normal speed drive

Here i share how i get cheapest price from Laem Chabang to Walking Street, Pattaya. (btw, Walking Street is awesome, will share it in another post)

You have two options:

1. One Way, only from Laem Chabang to Pattaya. They will ask for 30 or 40$ (depend on how you bargain)

2. Return, Go and back (they will ask 50$)

If you have no fixed time or not sure when to back to the ship, i suggest you option 1.

And for going back to the port, you can chart Tuktuk. We get only 750Baht (around 20$) from Walking street to Port and it can fit more than 10 persons. Even 15.

Also to get to Pattaya, you can wait for other friends in terminal till 10 persons and they will give you mini Van. the price is same.

So, if 10 persons for options number 2, 50$ (meaning 5$ each for going and back). Awesome, right?!

This is Tuktuk. Not only open cap, but also open wall, open all #eh 😀


Ho.. Ho.. Ho.. Santa.. I am a good girl.

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