Free Wifi (not wife) In Marina Port, Singapore

Guys, if you only know wifi in every port we port, it is not enough. You need to know the spot to stay for nice view and nice connection also.

In Marina Port, Singapore, here i show you some nice spot to get wifi and sit tight while connect and contact your love one (or two or three) at home country (or at Pattaya? #eh)

I will start from creepy place but fastest connection.



Exactly when you off the imigration, this what you find. Look like basement, all view are metal and silver and for me it’s creepy. But… but.. you can get the fastest connection here. why it’s faster then other spot? maybe because… (let’s find another spot).

Cozy Spot. Guys, in this spot you can online while massage.

Kalau gak mau ngeluarin duit buat dipijit kursi, didinginin kursi metal ini juga asyik kok.

Cozy, right? see what he is doing there? yes, He is Indonesian. Only Indonesian sit like that.

*smiley face *ngakak face

And you can even get some souvenirs from Singapore nearby here. Only few steps.

How to get here? Just go left after Custom Check, you will see stairs going up, follow that stairs. You will easily find this place.

Dont ask me about how fast it is. Video Call with the love one with no buffering. Awesome, right?

Yes, awesome. Enjoy guys.. Enjoy…

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