100Baht From Harbour Mall To Laem Chabang Port

It always a common story that a foreigner in a country will pay more than the native.

Again about Thailand, the port, Laem Chabang Port. Cruise Ship. Remember that cruise ship in Laem Chabang always port in terminal A1. This can be your clue when you ask the taxi from outside to bring you back to the ship.

So, today i got another cheaper price from us in cruise ship from or coming to ship from Harbour Mall, Laem Chabang.

Harbour Mall is 7minutes (more or less from the port) and the taxi lady in terminal will ask 25$ for going and coming back to the ship. That is scheisse, right? But….

But… i got good deal tonight. only 100Baht (it’s like 3.3$) from Harbour Mall to Ship. Compare with 25$ they ask from us with same distance.

And you know what is awesome from this? This….!!!

Yes, it was with Bike… Awesome, right?!

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