What Cabin Steward Do Onboard Cruise Ship

What Cabin Steward Do Onboard Cruise Ship

What cabin steward do onboard cruise ship. I will not talk much but will show you more. But before that, there are many jobs onboard cruise ship people can do but i will start from the common one. Housekeeping, Cabin Steward.



These what cabin steward do onboard:

1. Make Up Room/Cabin


a. Do the bed

b. cleaning the cabin

c. also toilet

d. Pull out the trash

e. Replenish the towels, ammenities, glasses, tray, fruits

2. Responsible for The Area

As a Cabin Steward, you will responsible for around 17 to 35 cabins to be cleaned in a day, depend on which kind of cruise ship you are into.


you have corridor of course, in between these cabins and that also your responsibolity to keep it clean.  from ceiling to walls till thr carpet/floor. Everyday, every duty hour.

3. Pantry, Locker.

If you are a hotelier, you would know that  pantry and locker is where your equipments laid. you are responsible of the cleanliness of this too.

And 8-4 duty (8hours) plus additional 3hours site duty, meanjng you will work minimum 11hours everyday and it could be 14hours. Yes babe, life onboard is hard if you are in a ‘worker’ position. :'(

Deal with it.



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