Travel Worlds | Ishigaki, Japan Is Their Stop Today

Travel Worlds | Ishigaki, Japan Is Their Stop Today compiling all the photos from friends which are in Ishigaki, Japan, now, and deliver them to the reader.

Sorry for late post. I saw this in draft which i created 2 days ago, but i why not to complete them today. Nothing to lose.

Everybody will understand for sure.


  • View from the ship op Ishigaki Port


It looks stormy you guess?

The port looks good.


Let’s move on to the city, update from friends



He knows how to take selfie in the city




She always brings us best picture of the food and the country


Ow man, and this guy combine all together, foods, culture and the country itself. like his style. Even when you talk face to face with this guy, your world will be upside down. #uhuk


Not bad, right?

Sure it’s not. It’s Japan. Nothing bad about Japan.


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