TomAss Not Lost in Shanghai, Everybody Lost in Shanghai

TomAss Not Lost in Shanghai, Everybody Lost in Shanghai

So, just to make sure that my TomAss has his own kind of update, i dedicate my web to update every picture he send to me. 😀

It is quite hard tho when your man is not a selfie kind of man.

Long Distance Relationship always hard because you know it is not as easy as holding hand when you want to.

Everytime TomAss out (yes, TomAss is a name) to any country that they port, i always demand pictures, for dear lord TomAss is really good in taking pictures. I dont understand why he choose to be a chef. Hmmm… or he can be galley photographer? Whatever…

So, as always, TomAss is in another new country today. And of course he is going out and of course he send me pictures, and you know how the way hell he send me the picture?

It has no face… none of his face in the pictures, Until i demand his face. Fiuh

Shanghai from Ship looks like a city in the movie, not only a city but the modern one. Am i right?


Anybody here who lives in Shanghai?


But emmm, they still have electric wire all around visible in the air. Nope, not modern at all for me.


Mann Mann Mann, it looks good.


Dont ask me, i dont know what is written there.


Yep, no face at all, none of TomAss’ face is there till i demand one


Or two?


TomAss Not Lost in Shanghai, Everybody Lost in Shanghai just a pick up tittle guys. Dont take this too serious. I dont understand why people get lost in other people country.

Oh and btw, this red jacket now look bigger on him, and this what TomAss said to me:

Yes, i know, he is adorable. He is My TomAss 🙂

p.s: i hope i will not delete this post when in the future we will fight. Will we fight? well, every couple fight. Now i’m scared.


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