Things to do in Singapore as Seaman

Things to do in Singapore as Seaman

Things to do in Singapore as a Seaman. So, we were in Singapore last year, and these were the stupidest things to do when in Singapore. We did….

1. Seaman Lost in China Town, Singapore

Smell the durian, not eat them, because it smells scheisse..

and continuesly confuse where to go

2. Then decide to take train to anywhere

3. We decided to not go so far and stopped in Clark Quay

Things to do in Singapore
Things to do in Singapore

4. And we did these

  • We follow the purple light

  • Purple light always means good

  • It leads us to the pub, live concert music, instagrammable places in Clark Quay

5. And we just sit there, and i listened to MeinBule talked about how Final Destination made him to not ride the flying car and this awesome random flying things

This is what you do when you know nowhere else to go

6. and we got tired

And that’s how you should do as seaman when your ship port in Singapore.

O, btw, i am an Indonesian Seawoman (hehe) and if you are Indonesian and interested to travel the world and got paid by doing it, you can ask me anything here through my WA

WA saya +628115995950

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