Things to do in Rusia as Seaman

Seaman Do When Port in Rusia

Seaman Do When Port in Rusia. For dear lord and Neptunus the biggest planet. I never been so nervous than going out to Rusia and pass the Rusia imigration. They looked me in the eye and ask if the picture in my seaman book is the same as me in front of her also if it is the same person in my passport picture. OF COURSE THAT IS ME. WHAY THEY EXPECT!!!

I heard that Rusians are rude and cruel. I almost peed myself when they only say halo to me.

and when i bought the souvenir and ask 5€ for 100kroner souvenir. I just give the money. without asking.

oh geez… Rusia made me nervous. Thay what’s in my mind about Rusia.

But anyway, it will not stop me for taking some pictures

Seaman in Rusia
Seaman in Rusia

this hat cost me 10€ only

Seaman in Rusia
Seaman in Rusia

yap, you can see the nervous in my smile

Rusia From Ship
Rusia From Ship

Please jusy dont blame me for a very less pictures in Rusia. :'(

that was taken with great mental strength


Guys, Gals, my name is Ami

I am Indonesian Seaman (oke, Seawoman, seafarar, whatever they called it). that makes me travel the world and got paid. if you are willing to know more of how i do this. feel free to contact me

WA saya 08115995950

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