Things To Bring Onboard

Things To Bring Onboard

Things To Bring Onboard. Working onboard especially on cruose ship might little morr easier than working on cargo ship. People say. All i experience is working on cruise ship so this i will share you what tp bring before onboard.

Socks. Black Socks

Black Socks
Black Socks

Yes, black socks always better. And you will need them a lot. a….. loooot…. so, 24 maybe? or 12? depend on how long you might stay onboard during yout contract. But 12 pairs of black socks is a safe number.

White Undershirt

Bring White Underskirt Onboard
Bring White Underskirt Onboard

Yes, white undershirt also is a must. 12 of them also is a good number. 😀

  • Jacket
  • Underwear. lot of them suppose.
  • For me, lipstick and face cream is enough for my make up. i dont need much. but yes, make up also important
  • Lipbalm, lipgloss, and such also important. Especially if your ship cruising in cold countries.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, dont forget them.
  • And ouh, of course you know what you will need. 😀
  • And perhaps you could suggest me?

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