Simple Way To Say Merry Christmas But Romantism Flows

I have not much time to make something special. I spend more or less 14hours a day to work and i am maybe the most weak person in the galaxy on how to show romantism. But when you have ‘someone’ it is always a must to sometimes show that you remember or you care.

Yes, and i remember that TomAss is a Christian, yes, i am a moslem. But evenhow, i feel like it is a good way to show him that i do remember that celebrating Christmas with him will prove him that doesnt matter on whatever, we are celebrating what we want. 😀

God not mention that we cant celebrating, right?! or right?!

He gave me the flower (for my birthday, which is also on Christmas eve) and i light it with the spirit of his Christmas. 😀

And in the end i just want to say to all single around the world, please to not believe the happiness you see in the picture. Sometimes it can be for entertaint purpose only sometimes it is what it is. 😀

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