Seaman | When German Dont Understand What Is Water For In Toilet

Seaman | When German Dont Understand What Is Water For In Toilet

Seaman | When German Dont Understand What Is Water For In Toilet is really is sounds like what it is. I dont talk about this in general, but i am talking about mein mann. Me and mein mann.

So, being apart with mein liebe (dont try to find out the meaning, this is german language means my something that when you say it, he will be very happy) is kinda depressing really. LDR Long Distance Relationship surely kills.

Try to ask seaman onboard (only if they are not single), if they really miss someone back there in their hometown, almost 98% will definitely miss something or someone out of the ship. And the single one will miss the food for sure.

Ouh, btw, i am not to make the single seaman more deppressed but dont worry, i’ve been living single myself for almost many many years and i am kinda enjoy bullying myself.

And by this, let’s take a look how i could be in a relationship and maybe i will ruin it or even make him more enjoy being with me. We never know what will happen next.

Let’s see what i’ve done and how he reacts towards me through chat.


  • Stop Diet and Gym Because of His Favorite Jacket

So, i told a story before about how he manage loose many kilos and looks hot.

quick diet


But then this what he said about it.

mein liebe


Fiuh, almost killed me.

In other time, we think that fart is really important to be discussed.

fart and breath


So, day by day, chat everyday just to say how much i love you, how i miss you, and so and so really sounds like a typical relationship, and so, there comes this story about a german guy who is trapped in asian toilet.

german guy asian toilet


He asks for himself

german guy asian toilet 2


He really ask for the next horror

german butt

german butt


Told you. This going to be argk.


Cant wait to write the next story. This story still to be continued. Wee need to safe the german butt.

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