Reasons Why You Should Not Dating Indian Guy

Reasons Why You Should Not Dating Indian Guy

Reasons Why You Should Not Dating Indian Guy only a pick up tittle guys, dont hate me because of this. Believe me, what you read here will make you guys love me. *love emot *love emot.

Let’s get started then.

dating indian guy


  • Indian Guy Will Tease Girls Around And End With Another Unknown Indian Girl Back In Their Hometown

This is so Indian. Dont believe them when they say they will marry you or they will spend their life with you or… just hear what he said, let it vanish with the wind, as long as he is there when you are together, then he is yours, but when he back to his town then sayonara.


  • Indian Guy Speak Open But Not Totally Honest

Ow My God, Satya maybe will also kill me because of this post. Satya, you are the best indian guy i ever met.

So, Yes, when they want something, they speak it out looud, but… but… they just focus on what they want, it seems like hard for them to say what we want.

And when they said, i love you, meaning, for this time, you never know what will happen to the next second or next day. They are just… Ladies, if you are not Indian girl then it seems hard for you to be with them, Unless, if they are staying for looong long time in your town already. Then the chance is good.


  • When They Find Someone Better Than You, Easy for Them To Leave You, But, Not Easy for Them to Leave Their Girl at Home

Oh Indian guy, really, you are such an incredible creature that God ever made to humanity. I dont know why but deep inside i just envy of how deep their culture is. They can play around anywhere but they will always go back home. Family seems like the very first priority for Indian.


  • When Problem Comes, It’s Your Fault, Not His

Everytime, something happened, something bad happen in your relationship with indian, there will be always a reason why it’s your fault and not his fault. Indian men are just so perfect that they will never make a mistake, not even a single mistake. When you debate them, i dont know how, but in the end, the blame will successfully go to you, not him. They are just so good in debating.


Emm, Ups, sounds like these reasons are going wrong. I believe inside me, i am thinking about that it is so enjoyable and adorable when having Indian boyfriend.

Wait… I will check some reference, but this video sums everything up



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