How To Tipping Your Serviceman

Hmmmm… One thing that bother everybody’s mind might this.. What is the proper way to tip someone. 😀

So, here i share how you can tip your service guy/girl/gay: (the last one is not a joke. they are exist and be one of world gender now…) fiuh

Well then, let’s just hit the point. This some nice ways to tip someone:

1. Put the money on top of the table/bed (better with note)

If you stay long time in the hotel. like in a cruise ship, put tip everyday is better than only one time at the end of your cruise. There are different treats from your serviceman (psichologically) when they find money for them everyday in your cabin. They will serve you better. (believe me on this one)

And just glince info that it’s good to put 1-2$ everyday for tipping the roomservice (1-5$ for average hotel and 5$ or more for VIP, Suit or bigger room)

In between slip a chocolate with the money also a nice touch. 😀

2. Hand to Hand Tip

Normally this kind of tip you give for your waitress in Restaurant or Luggageman (Porter).

3. Envelope

Some people also even leave tip for their serviceman through envelope provided by the hotel/cruiseship. .


So guys, never forget to tip ya?! 😛



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