How To Make Paid Girls Give You Extra Service With No Charge At All

How To Make Paid Girls Give You Extra Service With No Charge At All

How To Make Paid Girls Give You Extra Service With No Charge At All. This topic might tingling your feeling and sense, but nevertheless let’s not be hypocrite and face the reality. This exist in every country, every city, almost everywhere, wether openly or hidden. In some modern countries this including as taxed job, it’s legal. And for my Indonesian and Asian fellows, please to not judge, i write what i face to.

Just now my friend sadly tell his experience last night with paid girl. He said he was only get bad service from the girl and she rush everything with him. He paid her for sex, yes, it was sex, but it was not as expected. It was only that. and bad, it was bad, he said.

First thing first, i ask him ‘did you bargain?’ he answered yes.

Pattaya Life
Pattaya Life

So, one big point to deal with paid girls is… NEVER BARGAIN… NEVER!!!

If you want a best service. NEVER BARGAIN. You never bargain in shopping mall, right? then, what you think you are when bargaining ‘that’ service. In my opinion, bargaining a sensitive service is not wise.

Pattaya Service Girl
Pattaya Service Girl

Especially in Pattaya. Man, from all over the world, paid girls in Pattaya are the wildest and the cheapest compare to any other countries in the world. (Based on experiences and stories from many seaman/friends), and for this i dont think it will be good for you to bargain them.

Well, let’s move to the next important topic, how to make everything easy for you dealing with paid girls:

  1. Never bargain.

  2. Give first extra money in the begining. For example if the lady ask for 1000Baht, give her 100Baht in advance, out from 1000Baht of the deal.

  3. Treat her like a lady. Man, paid girls doesnt mean that she has no dignity. You buy her service not her dignity. Treat her like a lady shows that you are a gentleman.

Do these 3 points and you will surprise on how she react and even give you best service she ever provide.

This proven. 😀

Good Luck!!!


And do this as your habit, i mean, ow come on, this points not only work in ‘this kind of dealing’ but with everything in our life. Because people, even us, like to be treated good and paid with some small extra money/tip in the beginning. These motivated people to do best in their job.

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