How and Why Dating Indonesian Men

How and Why Dating Indonesian Men

How and Why Dating Indonesian Men will make you reconsider again or maybe go along well with your Indonesian boyfriend or man? whatever.

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So let’s get started.

  • Most Indonesian Guys are Religious

Me, as Indonesian woman, understand very well how our man raised. They are raised a king and with pride. A taboo for men, like crying, look weak, or whatsoever are deeply taught to our men.

And most of all, is religion. doesnt matter if you are Moslem, Christian, Budha, Konghuchu, or whatever, the family in Indonesia will feed our men with religion education first among others.


  • Indonesian Guys are Soft

Thanks to Internet and knowledge sharing around the world, we could know each other, sharing culture even without visiting other side of the world, and this also happen to us here in Indonesia. Many of our men now are well educated about how to treat their women. They become softer, understanding, protecting, even helpin in housewife stuff.

I was in era when my mother do everything at home and my father just lay his belly there waiting for the food served on the table.

It was not nice to be in this kind of situation.

Nowadays, i observe that many of new generations are totally different with how their parents treat them. Our men now more soft, more educated, and…. more openminded. But, well, it depend, i still have some friends whom judging and cursing everybody else who different from them. But well, they will sink with the time.


  • They demand Women to Understand Housewife Stuffs

Anyhow, regarding this, yes, our men still are the king in the house. They rarely understand house stuff. It is like an offensive statement if you ask them to wash laundry or to wipe the floor. Some of them. Maybe they will help but in their mind, it is not their responsibility, it’s the women’s.


  • They Provide You Wealth, and Refuse the Otherwise

Best thing about our men also is that they have pride when they can provide wealth for the women. So, girls, if you dating Indonesian men and seems like you provide his everything and he go fine with that? emm, i think maybe you need to ask yourself again about how serious he is to you.


  • They Keep Pride Intact, Dont Ruin This

Good Indonesian men will keep their pride and wont complain if you ask them to go to fancy restaurant, they will try everything or maybe slowly will leave you if they cant afford it. So girls, better to go to local restaurant where he can afford and i believe this small things will keep your relationship last.

dating indo

How and Why Dating Indonesian Men in my version maybe imply only to some Indonesian men. I am myself find it hard to dating one of them. 😀 #ups



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