Halloween and Rough Sea Onboard, 2018 is a Quite a Real Horror Year For Me

Sorry for late update this Halloween 2018. This suppose to be last end of October but… Rough Sea make me could not even to…. ahh leave it.

Check our Halloween onboard!!

In Indonesia, we always see One Eye representing Dajjal, The Horror of End of World
Ouh, There are more horror costume but i end up to just catch this. (sigh)
I dont have enough pictures.. :'(
See…. See…. Many people behind me and they all are Horror… Incredible great costume!!

Alright Guys, Please just imagine how horror the horror costume was and so we all can have nice image in our head regarding our Halloween 2018.

Hope we all enjoy our Life and put the horror as the sweet sugar of Life. 🙂

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