Facebook Challenge | Scroll First 5 On Your Facebook, Do You Really Know Them?

Facebook Challenge | Scroll First 5 On Your Facebook, Do You Really Know Them?

Facebook Challenge | Scroll First 5 On Your Facebook, Do You Really Know Them? so i every morning i cant deny that when i open my eyes, first thing i try to reach is my phone. I bet many of us did. Not only me.

We are too tired to judge wether it’s so antisocial or… It doesnt matter, smart phone becomes part of our life, it is in it, so why not deal with it.

So, this is my first 5 when i open my facebook and do i really know them?

  1. My Seaman Friend

facebook friend

Of course i know this guy. For dear lord he is one of the most handsome guy in the world that i ever met. *cross finger behind my back

His post always full with a selfie, but a different one. When everybody else post their face, this guy will post his slipper selfie. This guy is awesome.


2. My Other Seaman Friend #eh Seawoman

seawoman friend

This lovely girl. Of course i know her. For me she is one of the most pretty girl onboard. She is not only have beauty outside but also inside. What a lucky guy to have her beside him.


3. Also My Other Other Seaman Friend

other seaman friend

This handsome guy. For me, every guy is handsome, unless they want me to call them pretty, then i will call them pretty. #eh #ups.

Yap, no doubt, i know this guy. constantly update his facebook. like it. What i like from his post is he shares smartness, not hatred, not a dark campagne, he shares sense. This what we need. But most of all, i like it when he shares how he cooked and how he served. Thats lovely.


4. Lord, Also Other Other Other Seaman Friend #eh Seawoman

Ouh, lovely paisano dearest seawoman friend. She is unique in her every post on facebook, even when face to face. She can make you feel comfortable in first time you know her. First time i met her, i was on training and change her light bulb in bathroom, we spoke in english, we really have no idea at that time that we speak same language. I laugh hard when i remember this.

Ouh god, it sounds like romance strory. Bahhahaha…


5. My Other Other Another Seaman Friend

seaman facebook friend

This guy, lord this guy. Girls out there, hold yourself, he married already. You have no chance. Ahhahahaha…


Ok, so for today, that was my first 5 friends who show up on my facebook, how about you? do you really know your facebook friends?



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