Facebook Challenge | Also About Seaman’s Status On Facebook

Facebook Challenge | Also About Seaman’s Status On Facebook

Facebook Challenge | Also About Seaman’s Status On Facebook so i’ve been scrolling this morning to get some good new update from my friends on facebook but then guess what? Most of the update this morning is coming from my seaman friends. Well then so, normally i put morning challenge in Bahasa but not today i guess.


  • Sad Seawoman (And She is A Nurse Onboard)

sad update


It is kinda hurt tho when you see your friend in a not really nice mood, especially when you know she/he is a good person. Well, as what our ancestors said about brokenheart and broken relationship that

Doesnt matter how hurt you are, just never forget to poop


What a wise word, right?


  • Another Update From Singapore

seaman in singapore


Another update coming from Singapore. Hmm,.. i wonder in which ship this guy now. Well, last news i heard his previous facebook got hacked and so he asked each of us to report it. And now, here he is with his second account, in Singapore.


  • Cant Believe That My Colleague Will Be This Cool in Picture

cupu seaman


Geez, guys, you will not believe that this guy could be this cool on facebook if you work with him. Ahhhahaha, i would call him cupu in my language. But look at him on the picture, one of the most instammable picture of the day. Looks good tho.


  • More Paisano Update This Morning

paisano update


So emm, i just chat this guy yesterday, my paisano and also friend to talk to during drill onboard. Heheeh, he will always have lot of stories to tell. His background? dont ask tho, he has more experiences that we can imagine and it’s all awesome.


  • Finally, Got Update from Pinay Friend

pinay seawoman

Oooow, here it comes to the one of the prettiest lady onboard AIDABella. She has her own way tho in choosing guy eventhough many guys chasing him but she has her priority. Just so lucky the guy who’s been with her.


Well, that is for today i guess.

Facebook Challenge | Also About Seaman’s Status On Facebook always make me excited. Even at home but feels like i know what is the current situation there.


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