Facebook Challenge | 5 Top Seaman Status

Facebook Challenge | 5 Top Seaman Status

Facebook Challenge | 5 Top, 5 Top Seaman Status is one of my favorite so far since almost 1 month i left ship and all i can see from my seaman friends onboard is updating their activities, mostly not while working, but when they visiting port or cities.

Man, yes, i know why updating working situation is considered ‘not wise’ for us since we’ve heard many stories about updating status onboard, right?

Ouh, status, i mean not seaman relationship status, but their facebook status.


  • He Can Draw

he can draw


So i have this one friend who also draw things when onboard, emmm, not only during onboard i think. He constantly update his drawings in facebook. Oh, and also he makes tattoo for many seaman onboard.


  • Facebook Reminds Us, Us


Ouh, also my paisano, turn out today facebook reminds him of what was he 5 years ago with the same ship. Nice.


  • Another Reminder From Facebook

Yes, it is funny how facebook makes us know past of friends that we just met. I know this guy just a few months ago and now i need to see how he was 3 years back. And he looks sooooo…. just like he is now. 😛

You will not get compliment this time Satya. Not today. 😛

And the mustache tho, what did you do to yourself? Ahhhahaha… I laugh hard.. very hard… and i fart… because i laugh… Your mistake.


  • Paisano Bali


This friend has sad story about how he lost his hearing, ou, and btw, the guy in the picture maybe his father or relatives, it’s not him tho. Well, anyhow, he is of the loner in the ship but also blending with the others in his own way.


  • I Wonder Why It Is Not Food This Time


I really wonder why it is not about food this time. This guy, i know him very well through his facebook update. It is all about food in every country he visits. Damn, make us envy of him. How can he manage to get food everytime he outs.


Facebook Challenge | 5 Top Seaman Status for today, hope i will have more more interesting update everyday about them.


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