Facebook Challenge | 5 First Update on My Facebook Wall Today

Facebook Challenge | 5 First Update on My Facebook Wall Today

Facebook Challenge | 5 First Update on My Facebook Wall Today are these 5 post and i hope i know them. Well, let’s see…

O btw, i am doing this everyday morning and afternoon. each in Bahasa and English, depend on my mood. Plan to do thi continuesly for… emm.. let’s tell for long long time ahead.

  1. Paisano Friend


Well emm, i believe he, yes, as i know this facebook name was a guy from my hometown and the lady in the pict could be his wife or girlfriend or… i believe so, because i know. 😛


2. Also Paisano Friend from Ship


Mdd… gayanya ini anak. ndak perlu deh pake bahasa inggris kalau untuk yang satu ini. Ancang ancang apa lagi  itu? bisa jadi moki tiktokan itu kah? lupa ii kayaknya undang Satya.


3. Filipino Friend From Ship


This beautiful creature (aiiiaaa) is friend from Spa Department onboard ship. Of course i know her. She was there onboard when i was on my first contract. and i still remember till now


4. Most Romantic Couple in The World


Everybody onboard must know this duo. They are known as the most romantic couple onboard, if there is reward and award for this. 😀


5. Group.. So This Morning only 1 Group Appear on top


Yesterday, when i do my facebook challenge to write 5 top on my wall, believe me, almost all was from group, but well, not today. Not Today….

Argh, i try to find out where my yesterday post but turn out cant find them. Will try later.

Ok so, that my 5 first top on my wall today, and how about you?


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