Bali | Museum Bali Worth To Visit Only 25.000 IDR

Bali | Museum Bali Worth To Visit Only 25.000 IDR

Bali | Museum Bali Worth To Visit Only 25.000 IDR is the situs we visit today and it’s worth it. Mention the price? Well it’s good to always get nice guide. It is not managed well on how they guide the tourist who visit the Museum.

Some of the guide ask for 20$ or more for the guidance, it is too much for us the local tourist.

I hope The GOvernment could manage the situs well even for how the guide serves the tourist.

bali moment

This was in the second building. With the entrance ticket we have access to 5 building inside the museum, the last building was Pura, temple f Hindu, we need to dressed up like someone who wants to pray in temple, kebaya, belt, and long skirt called kemben, we can rent it for 10.000 IDR additional.

Inside first building we can find the basic history of Bali, the language, the people, the religion, almost everything about how Bali was invented, etc.

Inside the second building, we can see the culture of Bali, and the Gods.

The third Building still about the Gods, God of Money, Pregnancy and emmm, i believe i see also God of Knowledges. I believe so. I cant be focus anymore. I only focus on first 20 minutes when the guide talks, after that, i was wild and just mixed taking pictures.

And the fourth was Building of War and Weapons. I called them that, i cant remember the name.

The Fifth Building is Pura, the temple. We skip them because we was in one of the big temple in Bali, Pura .

One of The Video in One of The Building Inside The Museum




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